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Standard essential patent evaluating

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Standard essential patent evaluating
Standard essential patent evaluatingStandard essential patent evaluating
Business scene

Standard essential patent evaluating is mainly applied in the following scenes:

 (1) Client has its own patent(s) and needs to entrust an external service agency to confirm the correlation of its patent(s) with standard;

 (2) When purchasing a patent, client needs to evaluate the correlation of such patent with standard, taking it as a reference for purchase strategy design and pricing;

 (3) Patent collective management organizations like standard organization or patent alliance need to entrust a third-party institution to conduct an independent assessment of the standard essential patent(s) into the pool when setting up a patent pool of standard essential patents;

 (4) Faced with the threat of standard essential patent litigation, it is necessary to analyze the correlation between patent and standard and conduct the risk response plan design for the standard essential patent.


Working procedure

We conduct analysis of correlation between patent claim and standard, complete claim chart (CC), and analyze the correlation to draw a conclusion. Specific procedures include:


  • 1

    To understand the technical scheme of standard patent, interpret the patent claim (refer to patent file history documents);
  • 2

    To combine the patent claim scheme and specific features to analyze standard documents, search and confirm the corresponding standard features;
  • 3

    To conduct comparative analysis of patent claim and standard description, complete CC examination and correlation between patent claim characteristics and specific characteristics of the standard description;
  • 4

    To complete patent standard correlation analysis conclusion and explanation based on the correlation between the characteristics, patent scheme, standard text and others in CC. 
Service achievements

We are familiar with and partially participates in IPR policy formulation and revision of international or domestic standardization organizations, master the standard essential definitions as well as disclosure and licensing requirements in IPR policies. We are familiar with related standard organizations’ standard techniques, standard texts, standard essential patent profiles, and litigation information involving standard essential patents. By the end of 2017, we have completed more than 100 correlation assessments of standard essential patents with assessment results highly recognized by clients.