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Due diligence of project IP strength and risk

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Due diligence of project IP strength and risk
Due diligence of project IP strength and riskDue diligence of project IP strength and risk
Business scene

In investment or M & A of high-tech projects, whether the target company’s technological innovation strength can be objectively proved, how much IP risk in the project or product, and what may possibly cause essential impact on investment or M & A all belong to the content that investors or acquirers need to comprehensively master in project implementation.

Working procedure

In the aspect of investigating IP strength of project, analysis of the target company’s IP quantity, portfolio rationality, protection strength, and whether they are core technologies can be conducted through searching the global patent and other IP application status of the target company and related company or core team, and the specific investigation content differs based on the purpose of investigation.

Project investigating risk of project mainly includes the following:


  • 1

    To conduct IP infringement risk exam, search whether the technology used in project implementation falls into the scope of the other’s IP protection;
  • 2

    To collect IP ownership and rights, and find out whether the IP ownership of the project is clear, whether there exists permission and pledge that affect project implementation, and whether rights coordination between co-owners has been completed;
  • 3

    To conduct exam on contract default risk, exam the IP clauses in the contract of relevant project, and judge if this will impose restrictions on project implementation;
  • 4

    To conduct IP dispute investigation to examine if the project has any pending IP disputes or invalid requests, and judge the impact on the project and clients;
  • 5

    To conduct relevant IP risk assessment of project partners, including but not limited to the IP range rationality, rights stability, and implementation restrictions, etc. of technology included as shareholding;
  • 6

    To provide investors with IP advice according to the nature and impact extent of the project’s IP risk;
  • 7

    To conduct patent portfolio for the project invested, and provide target company valuation from the perspective of intangible assets.


Service achievements

Through providing investors with IP strength and risk investigation service of the project to be invested, IPFuTure objectively provides investors with investigation on the target objective’s innovative strength and possible IP risk, analyzes the essential elements that may affect investment, and guarantee investment security. Further, after the completion of investment, we help the target company to systematically develop patent portfolio to greatly enhance its valuation before the next round of financing.