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Product/project Patent Portfolio Planning and Mining

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Product/project Patent Portfolio Planning and Mining
Product/project Patent Portfolio Planning and MiningProduct/project patent portfolio planning and mining
Business scene

Product/project R & D personnel do not know if there is a patentable technical subject in their work or that the technical proposal submitted for patent application is not properly described, or even miss important patentable technical solutions; or patent managers do not understand the patent portfolio and competition in the industry of that product/project, they are not satisfied with only random patent output from this product/project, and hope to enhance the overall patent quality through product/project patent portfolio and form patent competitive advantage in the product/project.


Working procedure

In product/project patent portfolio planning and mining, we usually take the following work flow:

  • 1

    To conduct technical decomposition of product/project from the patent level, establish product/project patent technology system;
  • 2

    To conduct technical branch collection of different levels and depth in patent technology system according to clients’ product/project positioning, investment focus, etc;
  • 3

    To conduct patent investigation, refer to the patent portfolios of competitors and partners in the industry, combine clients’ innovation strength and investment emphasis or direction as well as product competition objectives and other aspects, put forward proposals of clients’ patent portfolio, clarify the technical points for key patent deployment;
  • 4

    To conduct patent licensing prospect search and analysis on clients’ plan of portfolio technology points, clarify the patent application strategy and writing requirements of each technical point;
  • 5

    To track the development of product/project, synchronize application of patent portfolio and timely summarize product/project patent work.

Service achievements

Through conducting patent portfolio planning and mining work, IPFuTure helps clients with planned patent application in the key product/project patents, improves patent quality, and reduces the legal risk of patent risk after product/project landed. IPFuTure completes more than 30 products/projects patent portfolio planning each year.