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Product patent infringement analysis

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Product patent infringement analysis
Product patent infringement analysisProduct patent infringement analysis
Business scene

To avoid patent infringement risk after innovation commercialization or new product launch, it is usually required to know whether the innovative achievement or the new product infringes others ’patent , which patents are infringed, how much the risk is, and how to solve this problem.

Working procedure

To compare the patent claim and analyzed technical scheme, take comparative analysis of infringement as the basis, and determine whether the technical scheme has infringement risk. Specific steps are as follows:


  • 1

    To communicate with client about the product or innovation and areas involved to determine the scope of analysis;
  • 2

    To conduct technical decomposition according to product/innovation involved, and output technical decomposition table;
  • 3

    To carry out patent search in corresponding countries/regions according to the analysis requirements and technical decomposition table, including determination of search strategy, implementation of search, and accuracy and comprehensiveness of search;
  • 4

    To conduct patent data cleaning and indexing: conduct data cleaning of patent search results, including denoising and standardizing data formats, and conduct data indexing according to technical decomposition table;
  • 5

    To conduct risk patent screening: screen risk patents through comparison with the product/innovation to be analyzed;
  • 6

    To conduct patent risk prevention: follow the judiciary regulations and practice of judgments of patent infringement in corresponding countries/regions, define the scope of protection for risk patent, make technical comparison with relevant technical scheme one by one;
  • 7

    To formulate a plan of infringement risk for risk patent holder, historical permission, stability and other aspects.

Service achievements

IPFuTure has cumulatively provided clients with patent infringement analysis of more than 50 key products/ businesses/ innovation achievements. We design coping strategy for risk patent from multiple dimensions including technology, business, and law; conduct circumvent design for some commercialization promising innovations as soon as possible to possibly support clients to arrange overseas exhibitions smoothly. For products that have been on the market, we help clients to solve hidden troubles in patent as soon as possible at a very low cost by providing sufficient evidence for invalidation.